RUNDLL error messages on startup are so annoying, they start getting on my nerves as these errors don’t let me do a single task. Are you getting “The specific module cannot be found” error message on your screen over and over again? How often does your computer freeze? Did you ever realize what could be the possible reason behind this or why are you getting RUNDLL and RunDLL32 errors?

It is time you fix and repair RunDLL errors on startup and check out the tips and tricks to make a computer faster. Here is a step-by-step guide to walk you through all the steps you need to know to get rid of RunDLL errors.

Step #1 Clean your Registry First

Registry is the backbone of the Windows Operating System as it records all the settings related to users, software, and hardware on your computer. The Operating System needs all the information 24/7 in order to perform its operations. The unfortunate part is; with time the registry gets blocked because some installations halt in the middle and there are application errors too which lead to RunDLL error and this is why you experience a slower PC performance.

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What Exactly is a RunDLL Error?

Your system performance is directly linked with RunDLL.exe files as these files are shared by so many programs on your computer. In order to run a function, these dll files use some code, an error occurs whenever a program is not able to access the code. That results in an error which you see in the form of a mesaage "The specified module could not be found".

How to Fix a RunDLL Error on Startup?

The best way to fix RunDLL error is to halt the process from the Windows Registry Editor. For that, you need to follow the below given steps. Please be careful when you do this because a little mistake can corrupt your system. So, if you are not sure about something, better to leave it.

1. Open the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder

2. Open "Software" folder

3. Open "Microsoft" folder

4. Open "Windows" folder

5. Open "Currentversion" folder

6. Click on the Run folder

7. Click on the WildTangent CDA file (RUNDLL32.exe)

8. Delete the file by pressing Delete key

Still not able to fix RunDLL Error?

It is best not to play with the Windows Registry Editor settings if you have no knowledge about it. Go for a registry error cleaner which will fix the error in no time. Try DLL Suite and see the difference!